Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day

This beautiful basket was a gift from my sister, Laura. I plan to use this in my bathroom to hold my beauty products.
This heart-shaped glass bowl and the floating heart candles was a gift from my other sister, Shelly.
~ Me ~
For Valentine's Day I baked a heart-shaped cake for my family (forgot to take a picture though). I gave my husband a card that I had made myself since I've gotten into artsy/crafty things.

I had expected a gift because Alfred had said he had to go buy me something for Valentine's Day, but failed to do so. Today, however, I had weezled it out of him that he planned to take me out to dinner this weekend & that he had planned for it to be a surprise. But still....a card would've been nice!

Despite my disappointment, I realize that overall my marriage is a good one and I have much to be thankful for. I hope everyone had a wonderfully romantic Valentine's Day!


Heidi said...

Hi Tracy! I have been behind on everything lately and came online to check out your blog. How wonderful to actually see my Winter Season Sister.

Sorry my wishes are late but I hope you had a heart-filled Valentine's Day!

Lady Laurie said...

Aahh, it is nice to see your smiling face! I hope you had a nice time on your "Valentine's date" with your hubby!
It took my husband a few years to get the whole birthday/anniversary/Valentine's thing...he came from a family that doesn't even recognize each others birthdays.