Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tiny Houses

After watching Oprah's show today about decorating/living in challenging spaces....I found my tiny dream home from Tiny Tumbleweed House Company. Here is what the website says about Enesti:
Specifications: About 600 square feet, 30’ x 16’ x 17’, 3000 lbs
This somewhat larger structure was created to show that small dwellings can house more than just one or two occupants. At just under 600 square feet, the Enesti model shows how as many as four people can comfortably cohabitate in a small home. Beyond the four private sleeping quarters, there's an office, a 120 sf great room, laundry facilities, 1 1/2 bathrooms, a sizeable kitchen and a dining nook. Efficient design keeps it all feeling roomy. Enesti is available as a set of plans only.
Our current home is only 1,216 sq. feet and I scarcely have enough room now ( I know....I am being spoiled! :). I can't imagine our family of 5 fitting into a mere 600 sq. ft.! But then again we would have to severely pare down our belongings. The benefits would be less time spent cleaning & more time spent on the things that really matter to our family.
My hats go off to those who choose tiny, unique living spaces!


Linda said...

*lol* You Americans find everything tiny ;)! Hehehe..

In the Netherlands, we would consider this a fairly big house.. A typical house here only has 3 bedrooms, of which 2 are small.. No separate living/diningroom (all-in-one) and 1 bathroom, also really small..

So for us this would be a castle.. imagine what it would be like for someone living in crowwwwwded Japan or China.. hehehe

Lady Laurie said...

After always living in military housing we finally moved into a 1200 square ft. home ~ we thought it was big. Now the 5 of us (two adults,3 teens)are living in a 31 ft by 10 ft rv. Our new home will be 2300 square ft. that will seem like a castle!!