Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Art, Housework, and the Super Bowl

Is everyone staying warm? It has warmed up a bit here...I think it's around 60 degrees here today and the sun is shining. Tomorrow it's supposed to reach 70!
Like many people we watched the Super Bowl this past weekend. I only watched it to see Prince play the half time show! I was thrilled to hear Purple Rain....the guitar solo always makes me cry.
I have also kept busy making homemade Valentine cards and having fun with that! I am addicted to paper of all kinds! I love crafting with paper, beautiful stationary, journals, etc. And having found so many creative art blogs has only fueled my paper passions!
Here are a couple of my favorite artsy blogs that I have recently discovered:
Kari at Artsy Mama
Yesterday I spent the day making things *sparkle* around my home - particularly the living room and kitchen - as this is where I spend the majority of my time. I washed curtains, cleaned windows, rearranged the furniture (yet again!), washed all the knic-knacks and created new arrangements with them. When I get the blahs, I rearrange things. It's therapeutic for me.

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