Monday, February 19, 2007

101 in 1001

I have seen several blogs that had the 101 in 1001 list with Lindsey's being the first. So I decided to finally create my own:

Start Date: February 20, 2007
End Date: November 17, 2009

1. Read the Bible start to finish.
2. Get my weight back down to 120lbs. (currently 130lbs.)
3. Pay off the credit card
4. Visit Destrehan Plantation in Louisiana
5. Grow my hair out at least to shoulder length
6. Host a dinner party
7. Clear out storage building -->DONE
8. Finish the cross-stitch my mom bought me last year!
9. Paint all the rooms in my home
10. Take a cake decorating course
11. Plant a herb garden
12. Have at least $1,000 in savings
13. Completely declutter my home
14. Go to the beach -->Done
15. Have a slumber party with my sisters
16. Spend a day at a spa
17. Get highlights in my hair or try adding pink chunky highlights (the kind that washes out!) to my hair
18. Spend the weekend alone with Alfred away from home -->Done
19. Visit Alfred's cousin & his wife for a weekend to see all their farm critters
20. Play mini-golf -->Done
21. Go fishing -->Done
22. Get rid of all the clothes I do not love, don't fit or are unflattering
23. Find a long GRAY sweater coat that ties at the waist
24. Find a pair of COMFY black boots that looks good with jeans or skirts
25. Bake an angel food cake
26. Recover the seat cushions of my couch in a rose floral fabric
27. Turn my bathroom closet into a scented linen closet
28. Visit the flea market --> Done
29. Visit the farmer's market to buy fresh fruits & veggies -->Done
30. Redo my pantry
31. Learn to make my own cards, envelopes & stationary
32.Write a letter or send a notecard each week to family & friends
33. Go horseback riding
34. Recover the seats of my kitchen chairs
35. Have all my Christmas shopping done by Oct. 31st
36. Install a ceiling fan in the living room
37. Abstain from sweets for 1 week
38. Drink water only for 1 week
39. Make cucumber water to drink -->DONE
40. Eat only fruits & veggies for 1 week
41. Learn to play piano
42. Become an expert on Dance Dance Revolution -->I'm at Basic Level now
43. Research & plan a trip to Paris
44. Watch all of Audrey Hepburn's movies
45. Plan a flower garden
46. Have a professional family portrait taken on the beach
47. Plan a 2nd honeymoon
48. Watch a sunrise or a sunset --->Done
49. Create a Gratitude Journal --->Done
50. Make a scrapbook
51. Crochet a potholder --> Crocheted a dishcloth instead
52. Read all the books I own but have not read yet
53. Hug my children daily
54. Find at least 1 thing to compliment Alfred on each day
55.Visit an art museum
56. Be able to wear a bikini
57. Go 1 week without complaining about anything!
58. Make a necklace & bracelet
59. Paint a picture - oil or watercolor
60. Go on a nature hike
61. Get my wedding ring sized
62. Host a board game night with my family & sisters
63. Have a fairy tea party with my girls
64. Make a new dessert each week for a month
65. Try one new fruit or veggie each month
66. Wear skirts/dresses for 1 week straight
67. Visit the zoo
68. Go to bed early one night just because I can --> Done
69. Soak in a hot tub of water without interruptions
70. Learn to chop/dice veggies like Food Network chefs
71. Buy a femmy pair of PJs --> Done
72. Buy a 300 count sheet set
73. Spend 1 weekend tv free --->Done
74. Make scented bath salts
75. Get my eyes tested to see if I need glasses
76. Spend 4 weekends completely computer free
77. Serve dinner on a prettily set table with candlelight
78. Visit my Mom in Iowa
79. Make Alfred breakfast before work for 1 week
80. Go to a homeschool meeting & check it out
81. Ride a bicycle
82. Buy a good electric pencil sharpener
83. Teach girls how to cross-stitch
84. Write a letter to each of my kids
85. Switch from white breads/pastas to whole wheat
86. Plan a surprise birthday party for Alfred
87. Organize Alfred's Army gear
88. Make some of my Christmas gifts
89. Create a hurricane plan so we can evacuate easily if need be
90. Organize my craft supplies
91. Make a collage --> Done
92. Get an airbrushed tag for my car
93. Create a new wardrobe for myself that is comfy, yet stylish
94. Buy a toolbox to store all household tools in --> Done
95. Buy a muzzle for Gracie for visits to the vet -->Done
96. Buy a scratching post for the cats --> Done
97. Spend one night with no artificial lights - only candles or hurricane lamps
98. Play air hockey
99. Go to a rodeo
100. Do Operation Christmas Child this year
101. Create a NEW list!


Leigh Ann said...

Love lists. Love this list! I might need to start one. Actually, I have just reading this. LOL!

Cheers! LA

gloria said...

Like the previous person, I love list too (reading and making them!). I'm constructing my own 100 things to do before I die, some of your ideas might end up in mine. ;P