Friday, January 19, 2007

Zoe & Clover

HA! I finally got a picture of both of my kitties with their eyes open! Zoe is the striped one and Clover is black & white. We got these two little ladies a week after Easter last year, so they are still quite young and get into alot of trouble. But aren't they just too cute? Who could stay mad at those sweet little faces?


Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh my, they have the best expressions! Innocent, but deceiving...LOL! I love the white mustache on Clover and Zoe looks like butter wouldn't melt in her sweet!
Your cross stitch is really pretty Tracy.
Now I'm off to check out your new blog!

Heidi said...

I have to catch up with you Tracy since I missed a few of your blog entries. But firstly, I must say how adorable your little fur babies are! Zoe and Clover are also purrfect names and they have the oh so sweetest little faces!