Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Order in Our Homes

"Order is the shape upon which beauty depend."
~ Pearl Buck

Today's essay in Simple Abundance is about order and how it is the foundation for the beautiful new life we are creating. I have found that when my house is in disarray ~ especially after the weekend ~ that it affects my thinking and emotions. So Mondays are my big cleaning days to bring order back to my home and to restore peace to my soul.

I resist schedules like the plague. Instead I make a list of all the things I want to accomplish in my home and work on it as my time and energy allows. There is usually a load of laundry to do each day, so I tackle that first thing in the morning. The kitchen is cleaned up before I go to bed because I hate waking up to dirty dishes.

Mondays you will find me sweeping and mopping the kitchen, cleaning windows of puppy prints, dusting, vacuuming, and decluttering the living room, and cleaning bathrooms.

Tuesdays, I focus on my bedroom and have the kids get their rooms in order so I can vacuum.

Wednesdays, I clean the fridge and microwave. I also make a menu plan for the week after checking the pantry and write out my shopping list.

On Thursdays only the most basic home-caring gets done because that is our big grocery shopping and errand day. I also pay bills.

Fridays, I like to take care of the little areas that are often overlooked: straighten up the laundry room, disinfect the trash cans, pick up the yard, sweep patio, wash and detail my car. Oh, and I like to bake some goodies for my family to nibble on over the weekend.

Weekends are for rest and relaxation. I only do the basics of home-caring. We spend our weekends on hobbies, watching movies, naps, reading, perhaps a visit to the park or a walk if the weather is nice...whatever strikes our fancy!


Heidi said...

We both seem to be keeping up with reading Simple Abundance this year. We have to make it through February now ~ LOL! I am working on my dishes today. I am putting my good ones from the hutch into the kitchen so I will start using them.

I love your schedule! It is very good at keeping you organized. And what a wonderful job to do ~ 'cleaning windows of puppy prints'. I hope one day I can say I have that blessing in life too. We too are hoping to get our very first puppy.

Suzanne said...

I just love reading that book too! I also love Mrs. Sharp's Traditions and enjoy reading each month as they come along:-) Your schedule looks doable--not at all scary like the word implies:-)

Deb said...

Tracy, I love your routine~reminds me of my own lately neglected routines that I adapted from the Flylady. I really must get back on track!!

Leigh Ann said...

Fun finding you, Tracy. (from Mrs. Staggs site) Your home looks beautiful. I love your routines. I'm working on mine for the New Year and it always helps hearing about others. I also love Simple Abundance! I have Julia Cameron's book on hold at the library.
Cheers! LA