Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas Corners

Here is our Christmas tree! I am surprised the kitties haven't pulled it over, though they have tried! One cat keeps taking one light bulb out of strand. I've had a couple ornaments broken because they like to bat them around.
My Mom sent me two of these lovely vintage-looking angel decorations. I have them hung over the entertainment center.
Here is my Christmas display atop my entertainment center. I couldn't quite fit everything in, but I have my santas, angels & cherubs, red & green candles, four little Christmas shops, and a Lamb Chop doll dressed in a Santa suit.


clarice said...

Tracy, it all looks so lovely and Christmasy. I love you display !!! Clarice

Mindy said...

Your tree is so pretty Tracy! The takbe vignette is so cute! Thank you for sharing these photos with us..have a great weekend too!