Friday, November 03, 2006

Around My Home Today

I can't post a picture but I have been working on Christmas ornaments for a swap that I am a part of on one of my yahoo groups! They are almost finished and I'll be able to get them in the mail by Monday as I had planned.
Alfred left this morning for a 3 day drill with his Army National Guard unit, so I am hoping to work on alot of my craft projects while he's gone.
Also, today I got my laundry caught up. That is a never ending chore with 3 children! I took a much needed nap. I'll prepare a simple meal for myself and my children - probably eggs, cheese grits, and toast.
My thoughts have turned to what I should serve for Thanksgiving dinner. Alfred wants a pumpkin or sweet potatoe pie for dessert. I've never made either (other than frozen!). We will likely have the usual Thanksgiving fare: turkey, cornbread dressing, mashed poatoes with gravy, dinner rolls, a couple of veggies, and cranberry sauce. Desserts will likely be pumpkin pie and something with chocolate!
After we say grace over our food, we take turns sharing what we are thankful for. It has become a very special tradition for our family and it brings meaning to our Thanksgiving celebration.
Well, the sun is quickly fading and I need to start dinner. Wishing you all a warm and peaceful evening!


Tammy said...

Tracy -
Pumpkin pie is easy! Just follow the recipe on the can and you'll be fine.

I look forward to getting your ornaments! :o)

norththreads said...

What a wonderful tradition!

Heidi said...

Hi Tracy! Glad to find your blog. I did not know you had one. I am still working on my ornaments and what a pretty photo to use since you cannot show the ornaments yet. I will look forward to getting it in the mail once Tammy sends them out. Have a great weekend!