Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Just a Visit

We just finished a hearty dinner of beef tips & rice covered with brown gravy and homemade bread to go along with it. It was quite tasty!
My dog, Gracie, is so funny. She walks over & lays her head on my lap & looks up at me with the most pitiful expression....she is waiting to be fed. We have to lock the 2 kittens up when we feed Gracie because they haven't the sense to stay away and Gracie snaps at them. She is not a mean dog. Actually she plays quite well with the cats considering how big she is. And she is wonderful with our children.
We are waiting for Lost to come on. The whole family is hooked. I even got my Mom watching it now. :)
Ok, so Lost is on now & I've missed half of it because Alfred (my DH) wants me see if I can find the results to Dancing with the Stars. HA! I think he's hooked on that now. :D
Well, I feel the beginnings of a headache so I had better close for now.


Mindy said...

Hope this finds you well! Enjoy your evening!!
Blessings to you and yours..

Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh dear, hope your head is feeling better. I've heard lot's of people say that they love "Lost", but I haven't watched it, as I'm already "hooked" on too many others already. I have caught a little bit of "Dancing with the Stars" though. My parents love it and I think it's pretty fun. I've always wanted to learn ballroom dancing.

Sharon Kay said...

Nothing better then a quiet evening at home with the pets having fun and a good show on the tube. Every evening when we are ready to settle down and relax Winston will bring his toys and it is then his play time. It is like clock work with him..
It is like he knows what time it is. Pets are so much fun....