Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Taste of Autumn

The cooler autumn breezes have begun to blow. Though it will only last a couple days before it warms back up, the coolness is refreshing!
Yesterday, I took my children to the library to get books & videos. They chose autumn inspired books & Halloween stories. They have been thinking about what their costumes will be for this year. We plan to have a Halloween party with games & fun spooktacular foods rather than go trick or treating. I've been researching inexpensive Halloween party ideas online which I will share as it gets closer.
Today, I need to mow our lawn and wash my car. Then I need to get to work inside with laundry, sweep/mop kitchen, vacuum, and various other household chores. The windows are open to give the house a good airing before the temperatures begin to climb. It looks to be a beautiful day!
Art: Autumn Treasures by Susan Rios


clarice said...

I look forward to your ideas. It is cool and rainy here today. Clarice

Lady Laurie said...

Tracy, isn't this cooler weather wonderful, I wish it would stay awhile. I know its supposed to get hot and humid again this weekend. The Halloween party sounds like a great idea!

Kelli said...

I can't wait to hear about your fun party ideas! The girls and Benjamin are already thinking about their costumes too. :0)