Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Tuesday

~ Picture taken from Pottery Barn.

Good Morning! I have several projects that I want to get done today. Currently, I'm working in my living room - rearranging the furniture & giving the room a good cleaning. Then I want to rearrange the girls' bedroom, clean the children's bathroom, do many loads of laundry, make chicken noodle soup & homemade bread for dinner, and wash & detail my car.

My goal is to have the house decluttered & to give it a good cleaning before the holiday season starts. I want to be done by the end of October.

May you be blessed in your homemaking today!


clarice said...

Ohhh you haveto post a picture of your living room when you are done. Clarice

Mindy said...

Sounds like your a busy lady!! Please post a photo when your done!!! Hope this finds you well my friend..