Thursday, August 17, 2006

Quotes from Gladys Taber

"There is really no limit to what can go on in a country kitchen, storing the richness of summer against the long bitter winter ahead."

"My books are my friends, and I feel sad about people who miss the excitement and satisfaction of having books in their lives."

"Women who are bored with homemaking and being a wife and mother should take a long look at themselves. Being bored comes from within themselves. Boredom is, in fact, easily cultivated if you work at it, and it is a kind of blindness."

~taken from "Country Chronicle" by Gladys Taber


clarice said...

Ahh I love Gladys Taber !!!!
have a wonderful day Clarice

Lady Laurie said...

I just recently found Gladys Tabers books, what a delight! Hope you and your family are doing well and enjoying the rest of summer!

Susanne said...

I've never heard of Gladys Taber, I'll have to look for her! I feel the same about books as your second quote and I find the 3rd one very bold in this day and age and culture which almost tells & teaches young girls that if "all" you are is a homemaker and wife you will be bored! Pshaw! I wish I could totally focus on that!

Mindy said...

Love these quotes, and the picture is lovely!!!

Hulda said...

I love all your photos, very beautiful.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Hi Tracy,
Thanks for the oatmeal cookies!
Gladys Taber is one of my favorites. It's been really nice to read these thoughts of hers again.
Books have been one of the most important things in my life.

Kelli said...

I discovered Gladys Taber's books this past spring and have enjoyed each one I've read very much! Thank you for sharing these wonderful quotes!