Saturday, August 05, 2006

Five Things MeMe

I've been tagged by Lady Laurie at Rose the sea.

1. Five things in my freezer: Ice cubes, frozen meat, frozen veggies, ice cream, ice packs.

2. Five things in my closet: Christmas gifts, Alfred's Army gear, clothes, foot spa, tennis racket.

3. Five things in my car: Music CDs, registration papers, proof of insurance, post office keys, a small pack of tissues.

4. Five things in my purse: Sunglasses, wallet, candy, car & house keys, checkbook.

5. Five things in my wallet: Money, debit card, library card, drivers license, military ID.

I pass this on to:
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clarice said...

I will post later this week !!
Have a great Sunday. Clarice

Hulda said...

I have been taged with this one later, but forgot to answer it. I'll try to remember this time!

Deb said...

Hi Tracy,
I will be working on this and will post it soon!