Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Welcome to My Kitchen

This welcome sign hangs in my kitchen. I found this at an Old Time Pottery store a couple years ago.

This little area is beside my the chicken and rooster. :)

This is one view of my kitchen. The mirrored doors are my pantry.

The seashell lamps sits on top of my refridgerator along with a wicker basket that holds all my dish towels and cloths.

This little area is beside my sink. My Mama gave me the bird nest and the candy jar holds currently holds Tootsie Roll Pops. :)

This is the other side of my kitchen....sorry the picture is rather dark! When I get to paint, this wall will be pink! :)


clarice said...

Very pretty. I love your little area besides your sink !!! Clarice

Mindy said...

You have some wonderful vignettes in your kitchen!! Very homey and warm...thanks for sharing with us!!
Blessings to you....

Kelli said...

Your kitchen is so pretty and summery! When are you going to start your painting project?

Barbara in NC said...

Verrry pretty! Is your fridge really blue? I love it!

~ Tracy ~ said...

Hi Barbara,

No, my fridge is not blue. It just looks that way in the photo. :)

~ Tracy ~ said...

Kelli, we had planned topaint this coming weekend, but my husband has hurt his back. So it looks like it will have to wait a while.