Sunday, July 23, 2006

Weekly Blessings

1. Seeing Kenzie's face light up when she saw her new bicycle that we bought for her 6th birthday.

2. My husband helping clean the house in preparation for the birthday party this afternoon.

3. Birthday cake and ice cream. :)

4. My warm comfy bed.

5. My picky eating children who actually ate dinner and liked it last night. ;)


Hulda said...

Lovely pictures at your last posts. :)

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday Kenzie!!
It sounds like you all had a fun birthday weekend!

Sharon K said...

Happy Birthday and very good blessings and good luck with your crossstich project.....very nice

Susanne said...

Thanks for visiting my "home". You have a beautiful site here. The artwork is beautiful and really makes it special! I love this one of Jesus. Who is the artist?

~ Tracy ~ said...

It is called Living Water by Danny Hahlbohm. You can find it at :)