Thursday, July 06, 2006

This & That

Isn't this a beautiful picture? I found it at and the artist is Barbara Mock. She has lots of lovely artwork to choose from.

I apologize for my absence as of late....I have had computer issues to resolve and I have been trying to catch up on my housework and some of my reading. I have several more books lined up to read, many of them that has been recommended on various blogs I read. *smile*

We got a little rain yesterday and today there is a 70% chance of rain again. We really need it here & I know my flowers will love the rain water. Speaking of flowers, my marigolds are finally beginning to bloom! Also, my morning glories are very pretty & are climbing up the cute little trellis I bought a few weeks ago.

Over the weekend, we let our girls get their ears pierced. They have been wanting this done for months. Kenzie chose blue earrings & volunteered to go first even though she is younger. Kayla chose pink earrings. But they are counting down the days until they can take the beginner earrings out & have a variety to wear.

Kenzie's birthday is coming up in 2 weeks. She will be 6 years old. We want to get her a bicycle so she can keep up with her big brother & sister. She informed me that she wanted a Walmart cake instead of a homemade one (gasp!). Yes, Miss Kenzie definately has a mind of her own & is a bundle of energy to boot!

Well, the housework is calling so I will close for now. Til next time, Friends!


Terri said...

Hi, Tracy! I love the picture! God bless your little one her special day!

Flossy said...

Congratulations to the girls ongetting their ears pierced! It's one of those rites of childhood for little girls isn't it?

Hope your puter issues are resolved now :) Have a wonderful weekend xxx