Sunday, June 18, 2006

This Week's Blessings

1. We now have 2 window AC units to keep the main living areas cool!

2. My husband came home overnight from camp -- he'll be home this Saturday.

3. The lovely comments left on my blog -- thank you!

4. Romantic Homes magazine -- one of my personal favorites.

5. The morning glories I planted are beginning to bloom.


Mindy said...

What a blessing to have 2 A/C units...and where your at its so needed, hot and humid! I love Romantic Homes magazine also, some great photos and ideas! Love those morning glories too...this is the first time i've ever had them, we moved so much in the military it was hard to garden at times, but this is our first home and ?i sowed some seeds earlier this spring and they are blooming, don't ya just love them!!!
Have a great day dear...
Blessings to you...

Naturegirl said...

We all have blessings and need only to reflect on them! Mine as you have found out are the wonders in my peaceful garden!I have read Simple Abundance about 3 times already! In reading it I become aware of more blessings!I have given the book out as gifts to many!Prayers for my mother please who has cancer and has had a mini stroke as of mother my greatest blessing! I love the photo in todays post..a cottage garden!