Monday, June 05, 2006

My Monday

This Monday finds me washing bed linens and my large throw rugs. I have mopped my kitchen and laundry room areas, washed the breakfast dishes, and watered my flowers outdoors. The rest of the house is neat and tidy, so I plan to work on my cross-stitch and read later today.

I have begun to exercise again. My goal is to do something each day, whether it be taking a walk with my children, using exercise videos, my weight machine or handweights.

I am also trying to eat healthier and limit (or eliminate) drinking sodas. I am not really fond of drinking water, but I hope my tastes change as time goes on.

These are just a couple of things I am currently working on to improve my health and well-being.


Tammy said... are a get with-it girl!
I need to do every one of the things you mentioned...only exception is I love water...I keep the bottles cold in the fridge...that is the only way I'll drink it is ice some people add a little sumpin sumpin to theirs to help such as lemon or some add the flavored crystal as long as it is cold I'm happy :-D
Keep up the exercise...we don't have to be athletes but it is important to move about as much as you can! I got severly overweight in my late 30's and let me tell you it would have been easier to keep it off as to get it off!!

clarice said...

Hello Tracy,
I am too try to take a walk everyday. Have you tried adding orange to lime slices to your walker it might help!! Clarice

Deb said...

Hi Tracy,
Good luck with your diet & exercise goals. I know I have much more energy when I do my morning workout. And like Clarice said, the fruit slices flavor the water nicely~I like using lemon slices in mine.

~ Tracy ~ said...

I will have to try adding the fruit slices to my water. Anything to make it easier to endure! ;D