Sunday, June 11, 2006

Counting My Blessings

Here is my gratitude list for the week. What are you thankful for, dear friends?

1. My prayer journal.

2. Having air conditioning in the hot and humid south!

3. Nourishing food to feed my family and fresh water to drink, clean with, and bathe in.

4. My washer and dryer.

5. Making slow, but steady progress on my cross-stitch project.


Lisa (Froggyhead) said...

Those are all wonderful things. It is easy to take some of them for granted, isn't it?

clarice said...

1. Sprirt 105.3 Christian radio station. The music lifts me and and helps remind how precious my relationship with Christ is.

2. Finally some sun and a warm weather. It is 65 !!!!

3. My bittersweet chocolate bar

4. my old home

5. My sweet girls and my snuggly DH

Mindy said...

Great post!!
Gentle reminders to always be thankful!!!
Blessings to you..