Thursday, June 08, 2006

Catching Up

Isn't this a lovely picture? It is called "Three Girls on the Beach" and I found it on by Lisa Jane.

My Mama left early this morning to head back home to Iowa. We said our good-byes last night. I am always thankful to spend time with my mom. We are very close and talk several times a week by phone.

Yesterday I went out to my sisters' house and visited with them, my mom, and my Aunt Vonnie. We had a good time chatting about our homes and gardens, cooking, and fond memories. All the children played together nicely as we grown-ups caught up with each other. I love times like that.


Hulda said...

The pic was really lovely! Thank you for sharing it. :) have a nice day.

Tammy said...

Giggles, secrets,
Sometimes tears,
Sisters and Friends
Throughout the years.