Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Summer Thoughts and Today at My Home

This morning I took Kendall to his chiropractor appointment. Once home, I started in on my homemaking. I reorganized and cleaned my laundry room, mopped the kitchen & laundry room floors, and have puttered around changing things up a bit to give our home a fresh look. I still need to give the Master Bedroom a good cleaning. Dinner tonight will be taco salad - a quick and tasty meal. If I have time, I will bake a cake for dessert.

Though my children have been done with "school" for a couple of weeks now, public school officially ended today at noon. Now our days will be filled with popsicles, lemonade, and playing in the sprinkler. When it gets too unbearably hot, as it does very quickly here in south Alabama, we will read books and play board games (Yahtzee is a favorite!), and watch some good movies. I'd also like to find some crafty projects that my children can work on as well.

What, dear friends, are your summer plans?

(Picture: "Harbor Roses" by Susan Rios)


Lindsey said...

pool, beach, lounging in the shade, playing together, having fun together...just being together!!!!

Enjoy your summer!

clarice said...

Because we HS year around. I am never aware of the holidays. Yicks I am not ready for summer. But I guess I better get with the program. I hope you have a lovely summer. Clarice

Terri said...

Sadly, I have to work, but my two youngest children will be travelling to Florida twice this summer - once with friends and once on a youth trip. They both have plans to work some, too, - my son with our pastor and my daughter with my mother helping her with my grandmother and housekeeping. School starts back here on August 1 so it makes for a very short summer!