Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bird Feeder

This is a picture of our latest project - a bird feeder made out of a plastic milk jug. I found the directions here . We used Cardinal SongBird Food, hoping to lure our feathered friends to the yard so we can watch them from our window. Nine year old Kayla was our champion tree climber who had the honor of hanging the bird feeder.

My petunias are blooming nicely these days. Daily I go out to water all my flowers. I am still waiting for my marigolds, morning glories, and moonflowers to bloom. I have no idea how long these things take, but I am anxious to see them. I have even noticed my husband, Alfred, checking on them when he leaves for work in the morning. *smile*

The weather has also been nice the past few days; warm with a nice breeze during the day, and cool at night. I think today I'll sit outside a bit and read and enjoy the sun. Hope your day is a nice one!

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clarice said...

We to are trying to entice more birds in our yard !! Clarice